1000 Intimate Questions For Couples

Pro move a prayer for our President and officers, Jehovah God, author of life and the source of eternal life, the heart of our officials and especially our President, assumes their responsibility with you and all persons entrusted to their care. Help them, in their special leadership roles, expand the mantle of protection are at risk for the most vulnerable, in particular the defenseless unborn, whose lives by an indifferent society of extinction. Perform all officials for his wisdom and thanks to the support of a Bill, not the fundamental rights protected, that is human life, a gift of God and parents. You are the protector and defender of the innocent life not yet born. Change the hearts of those who agree to protect and to defend life. 1000 intimate questions for couples Bring our nation to the values that made us a great nation, a society that defends the values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. Mary, the mother of life, help us, the Gospel of life bear witness to our lives and our laws, through Christ our Lord. Amen. Imprimatur: Most Reverend January 22, 2009, Robert j. Baker, Bishop of Birmingham, Alabama and ,.